Bananas for every occasion

Delicious frozen bananas covered in chocolate and rolled in one of many delicious toppings.

A Southern California family tradition brought to Provo, Utah.

Go Bananas!

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Our Famous Bananas

Our flavors vary for each event depending on host preference. As long as it will stick to a frozen chocolate-covered banana, we should be able to smother our Banana in it! Below are some of our most popular flavors.

The "Legend"

This banana is our most popular choice since day 1. It has crunch, it has pop, it has flavor. The Legend will make you come back until it is all gone. 

The "Classic"

Smooth, creamy, and rich. That is not just your personality, that is the flavor of our first banana. The Classic showcases the strong flavor of chocolate with the calm banana base.

The "Rainbow"

This one is for the child in all of us. The part of you that wants to be the life of every party. Our most aesthetically pleasing banana both looks extravagant, and tastes delicious.

Who We Are

A family who loves bananas!!!

Rett, Rae, and Shay Putnam are all students at Brigham Young University. We are all from Los Angeles, California. When we were growing up we would spend our summers in Newport Beach. We have fond memories about getting frozen bananas on hot summer days, and wanted to bring that joy to Provo. Thus, The Banana Stand was born!


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